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Markey urges federal Cape Wind approval

By Beth Daley  GLOBE STAFF

Although U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey is chair of a congressional climate change committee and a co-sponsor of clean energy legislation, he’s never explicitly come out in favor of the proposed Cape Wind project in Nantucket Sound.  Yet today, Markey wrote a strongly worded two-page letter to U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar urging him to approve the Cape Wind project before next month’s international climate talks in Copenhagen.

Can Offshore Winds Spin a Market for U.s.-Made Turbines?

...The United States has yet to plant its first turbines in the seafloor, while Europe widens its lead, adding 1-megawatt every day on average, according to its industry group. Europe's offshore winds now produce a total of 1,471 megawatts, the amount of electricity produced by a very large coal-fired power plant.

"If we don't get on the ball and do it, the Europeans are going to do it," Bob Thresher, a wind power expert with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, said of turbine manufacturing.

MA Governor Deval Patrick responds to Historic Preservation decision

Extract of Governor Deval Patrick's Daily Udpate, November 6, 2009:

Commitment to Innovation

* Support for Cape Wind – Just as the lengthy federal review process for the Cape Wind offshore wind project seemed to be winding down, the state’s historic preservation officer declared that Nantucket Sound ought to be considered for listing on the National Historic Register based on its cultural significance to the Wampanoag tribes – a view in opposition to the ruling made by the federal agency leading the review.

Cape Wind responds to MA Historic Preservation decision

...Cape Wind spokesman Mark Rodgers said Friday morning he is more interested in other developments this week.

“Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar called on his Departments, which include the National Park Service, to work expeditiously to complete work on Cape Wind so he can make a decision by the end of the year,” Rodgers said.  He also said the National Park Service has gone on record, “indicating that any effects of Cape Wind on historic properties are indirect and not direct.

Cape Cod Decision Sought This Year, Salazar Says

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said his department will “hopefully” decide by the end of the year whether to approve plans for what may be the nation’s first offshore wind farm along the coast of Massachusetts.

The Interior Department is working toward an “expeditious conclusion” of the approvals needed for Cape Wind in Nantucket Sound, Salazar said today. “We’ll have a final decision to be made hopefully by the end of this year,” he said, speaking to reporters after hosting a conference at the White House on renewable energy.

2 tribes object to Cape Wind turbines - Say Nantucket Sound is cultural property

Native American rituals and beliefs have emerged as a surprising last-minute obstacle to federal approval of the nation’s first offshore wind farm, threatening to significantly delay the Cape Wind project.

Two Massachusetts tribes say the 130 proposed wind turbines in Nantucket Sound would disturb their spiritual sun greetings and submerged ancestral burying grounds.

The Aquinnah and Mashpee Wampanoag tribes - with help from the main opposition group to Cape Wind - are pushing for the entire sound to be listed as a traditional cultural property on the National Register of Histori

Democrats vying for Ted Kennedy seat favor Cape project

Opponents of Cape Wind lost a powerful ally with the death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

The four Democratic candidates vying for Kennedy’s Senate seat have lined up in favor of the project despite the late senator’s passionate opposition to the 130 turbines that he said would wreak havoc on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound and hurt tourism.

Environmental and labor groups want to end delays on Cape Wind

October 14, 2009 ClimateWire article, Republished here in its entirety and with permission,

Environmental and labor groups want delays on Cape Wind to end (10/14/2009)
Annie Jia, E&E reporter

A coalition of environmental and labor groups sent a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar yesterday urging the department to quickly grant approval to the Cape Wind offshore wind energy project, while discounting a key argument that has fueled the most recent delay.

Two American Indian tribes in Massachusetts have asked the federal government

States Have the Wind at Their Backs in the Offshore Debate

Eastern states advanced their commitment this week to quell the fierce competition around building the nation's first offshore wind farm and cooperate toward creating and pushing a web of ocean-based turbine facilities.  States from Maine to Maryland are exploring ways to share potential infrastructure, like strings of underwater transmission lines, and know-how about siting, permitting and building fields of turbines off their coastlines.

The states met in New Jersey early this week for a clean energy summit, and participants said a main theme emerged: An offshore industry will be

Pioneering Wind Farm Faces Another Delay, This Time Over Indian Sites

Final approval for Cape Wind is stalled, aggravating developers of the Massachusetts offshore wind project and igniting concerns that the latest roadblock -- over American Indian ceremonies -- could jeopardize other ocean-based energy proposals.  The 130-turbine project appeared to be sailing toward federal consent after the Interior Department's Minerals Management Service issued a supportive environmental report in January, about eight years after the pioneering project was announced. A decision could have come 30 days later.

...Meanwhile, the administration of Massachusetts Gov.