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Coastal agency approves Cape Wind plan

Cape Wind Associates LLC has received another important state approval in its bid to build the country's first offshore wind farm.

The Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management issued two determinations Friday that the proposal to build 130 turbines in Nantucket Sound is consistent with its policies.  The findings by the agency responsible for balancing the impact of human activities with protection of the state's coastal and marine resources came exactly a week after the U.S.

Wind power push whips up Mass. turbine debate

...But Massachusetts' biggest wind resource is located far from the Berkshires.

The largely untapped gusts that blow along the state's Atlantic coast hold such a promise of nearly unlimited megawatts they have been dubbed the Saudi Arabia of wind power. The area is also the setting for one of the nation's longest running offshore wind power sagas.Click here to read this Assocated Press article in the Springfield Republican

OFFSHORE WIND: Federal tailwind now pushing sea-based projects

Climate Wire article reproduced here, it its entirety, with permission. Copyright 2008, E&E Publishing, LLC.

OFFSHORE WIND: Federal tailwind now pushing sea-based projects (Monday, January 19, 2009)
Evan Lehmann, E&E reporter

The federal government sent a strong signal of support Friday for the construction of large sea-based wind farms when it endorsed Cape Wind, the embattled proposal in Massachusetts with 130 turbines, according to experts.
The move could encourage new plans for hundreds of turbines along U.S.

News Coverage & Commentary of MMS FEIS

The release of the much aniticipated Final Environmental Impact Statement by the Minerals Management Service generated substantial coverage by the news media, the report was found by all to be favorable to Cape Wind.  Below are links to some of this news coverage:

Boston Globe,   New York Times &

US Senate Energy Leadership call for release of Cape Wind report

In a bipartisan move, Senate Energy Chairman Jeff Bingaman and Ranking Member Pete Domenici call for the public release of Cape Wind's Final Environmental Impact Statement in a letter sent to Interior Secretary Kempthorne and MMS Director Luthi.  The Senators' letter clarifies several points of law that relate to the MMS permitting review of Cape Wind and why that review should now be reaching its conclusion.

A Conservationist for the Interior Dept.

...“Ken Salazar’s solid record as a supporter of renewable energy suggests he is well prepared for one of the fundamental challenges facing the Department of Interior: the need for solid stewardship of federal lands while allowing those lands to be part of the climate solution by hosting massive new renewable energy developments,” said Seth Kaplan, a vice president of the Conservation Law Foundation, in an e-mail message.  Mr.