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Federal Government Opens More Ocean to Wind Projects

...In Massachusetts, the Cape Wind project that would bring a wind farm to Nantucket Sound stalled for nine years before it was finally approved in 2010. It recently cleared a hurdle when a court upheld a contract with National Grid for purchase of half its electricity. That should make it easier to sell more power and raise money to build the project, said Mark Rodgers, a spokesman for the company.

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Project Opponents in deep debt

Opposition group to Cape Wind, 'Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound' 2010 financials just released, they ended the year $1.35 Million in debt, they had one of their lowest fundraising tallies on record, 67% coming from just 7 large donors. Their 2009 financials listed coal and oil magnate Bill Koch as directly paying the salary of the organization's CEO.

Cape Wind & Massachusetts

Cape Wind produced a new report today entitled, ‘Cape Wind & Massachusetts – Creating Jobs and Providing Clean Power to Massachusetts’.

This new report details how Cape Wind can uniquely deliver large scale clean energy benefits to Massachusetts, create jobs and enhance energy security and reliability.

Half of Cape Wind’s power has already been sold to Massachusetts electric consumers and Cape Wind plans to sell more of its power here to make the benefits of this project a reality and to establish Massachusetts as the U.S.

Cape Wind seeks utility deal tie-in

Cape Wind Associates, the company behind the 130-turbine wind farm to be built in Nantucket Sound, are urging Massachusetts regulators to require that a merger between NStar and Connecticut-based Northeast Utilities include a condition to buy 50 percent of the power generated by the offshore wind project.

“Think big,’’ said Dennis Duffy, vice president of Cape Wind Associates, who last week filed a letter to the state Department of Public Utilities asking officials to make NStar and Northeast Utilities purchase “the remaining output of the CWA project.’’

Other groups watching the

Offshore Wind Energy Potential Boosted During Heat Wave, Data Shows

When summer temperatures climb in New England, some people head to Cape Cod, where cool air blowing off the Atlantic Ocean often helps lower temperatures to more comfortable levels. But that characteristic sea breeze offers more than an escape during the hottest days; it also means offshore wind power can chip in when electricity demand is at its peak.

...According to recent research from Stony Brook University, there is a distinct trend of windy weather that develops in the summer between New Jersey and New York harbor, and extending northeastward up to Cape Cod.

GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt supports Cape Wind

...But he [Immelt] could not resist wading into the debate around Massachusetts' proposed Cape Wind project, which could be the nation's first offshore wind farm, although opponents in the nearby Cape Cod resort area have complained it would sully their views.

"I have a lot of friends that have houses on the Cape and on Nantucket, and I say build those big turbines there," Immelt said.

Those words came despite the fact the Cape Wind turbines will come from one of GE's largest rivals -- Siemens AG.