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YES to Cape Wind

By George Bachrach and Rick Mottila

At long last, America’s first offshore wind project, Cape Wind, has secured its permits, leases and is finalizing financing.  Once turbines are erected, miles off-shore, it will begin producing most of the electricity that will supply energy to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.  But Cape Wind is only the beginning.  The U.S. Department of the Interior recently announced the nation’s largest, additional offshore wind lease area off the coast of Massachusetts.

Two letters in support of Cape Wind published in MV Times

Cape Wind, a move in the right direction

By Sharon Strimling

I am writing to respond to Doug Cabral’s At Large: The windy 10-year war of April 23.

I haven’t written about Cape Wind recently, but I need to step back in after reading that article.

First and foremost, I disagree with his contention that the project won’t get built. Cape Wind is fully approved and making solid progress with financing.

Massachusetts is at the Front of the Offshore Wind Energy Pipeline

This winter found many of us trying to get inside from the cold, where the comforts of modern life awaited -- warmth, lights, electronics, appliances, and a hot meal. 

You may not have realized it, but the infrastructure that delivers energy to us, upon which all these comforts depend, was under great stress. 

Massachusetts does not produce coal, oil or natural gas we are at the end of the energy pipeline for all those fuels.  Over the past 30 years our region has shifted more of our energy use away from coal and oil toward natural gas. 

Cynthia Stead's Cape Cod Times column on Cape Wind

...The project began more than 12 years ago, and literally hundreds of public meetings and opportunities to speak have been offered to the public, and heaven knows the public has taken advantage of them.  But it's over.  The lawsuits have been struck down again and again and now they flirt with being frivolous...

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Hannah Wood's Op Ed in the Cape Cod Times

I have worked in the offshore wind industry in Europe and have seen up close the ports full of activity and the nearby towns revitalized.

With the help of the 35,000 people working in the industry, Europe has constructed 55 offshore wind farms to date.

Derrick Jackson Boston Globe column: 'New Bedford looks to ‘Wind City'


City officials and business leaders of New Bedford came to the perfect place for inspiration last month, just before they broke ground on America’s first port terminal dedicated to the offshore wind industry. For all the lament in New Bedford about the city’s high unemployment rate, Bremerhaven, Germany, had it worse.