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Jim Gordon writes about Cape Wind for WBUR website series on climate change

On WBUR's website series on Climate Change, three people including Cape Wind President Jim Gordon were invited to submit essays on how renewable energy can help fight climate change. Here Jim writes about how Cape Wind can help kickstart the U.S. offshore wind industry and help Massachusetts have a clean energy future:

Boston Globe Columnist Derrick Z. Jackson on U.S. Offshore Wind Power

...The American Wind Energy Association’s conference exhibition hall was full of European and multinational firms that are busy plunging scores of turbines into their waters. German developers talked about how the industry has transformed rusting homeland harbors into bustling ports, while British officials boasted that industry investment in offshore wind will leap from $8 billion in the last decade to $80 billion in the next eight years.

Representatives of American firms could only watch wistfully and wish the US government cared as much about wind energy as Europe does.

Rick Mattila and Rick Heller Op Ed in Boston Globe promoting offshore wind power

"...The good news is that many of the pieces are falling into place, including here in the Bay State; after 10 years of debate, the Cape Wind project is on track to cross the finish line in 2013. In addition, the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has identified two formal wind energy areas off our coast covering nearly 1,000 square miles, with leases to be offered for sale by competitive auction in 2013.

Backlash against Bill Koch

Considerable backlash and outrage has emerged over the recent comments of Bill Koch, a coal and oil magnate who is a major funder and Chairman of the opposition group to Cape Wind over an article in the Cape Cod Times in which Koch stated that the benefits of clean energy are "B.S.

Town Council for sale?

Cape Cod Times' columnist Sean Gonsalves asks if the Barnstable Town Council is 'for sale' to the opposition group to Cape Wind?  He follows the money trail that shows project opponents are paying the legal bill for the Town.  He writes:

"But, it's downright insulting for a town government, which is supposed to represent the entire town, to set up a special fund to accept money from a one-sided opposition group on the most politically divisive issue the Cape has seen in the past decade.  It sets a bad precedent, to say nothing of the slap in the face to the sizable number o

Bob Dylan's Falmouth Prophecy

As posted on 'Entering Falmouth' blog by Troy Clarkson on Cape Cod Today (this op ed also appeared in the Falmouth Enterprise):

Turns out the lyrics from the classic and iconic Bob Dylan song were perfectly prophetic in a Falmouth sense. “Yes, how many times can a man turn his head, pretending he just doesn't see? The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind. The answer is blowin' in the wind.” The prophecy, though, was not about the social issues of the 1960’s, as the author intended and shared with a generation.