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Data confirm rising sea levels

...Of course, there always have been storms, droughts and pests, but man-made climate change is like putting the climate on steroids. In baseball, there always were home-run hitters, but steroids recently helped sluggers to break records of the past. Similarly, climate records are being broken fast, and if we don't change our current energy habits, future generations will remember us in the hall of infamy for ignoring the best science available.

Not all is gloomy.

Cape Wind leading the way

Cape Wind has now been closely reviewed and considered for 11 years by Republican and Democratic administrations, which have both come to the same conclusion: Cape Wind will provide substantial benefits for our region by jumpstarting the clean energy future, creating hundreds of jobs, reducing air pollution and suppressing energy prices.

Here are the facts.

On air navigation safety, the Federal Aviation Administration has been carefully reviewing Cape Wind for 10 years and has approved it three times, twice during the Bush administration and once under the O

Cape Wind Project is a Good Deal for Massachusetts

by Joseph M. Kwasnik, Senior Advisor, Electric Power Program — Ceres

The Cape Wind project has received two positive jolts in recent weeks.

First came the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision upholding a long-term power agreement for National Grid to purchase half of Cape Wind’s 454 megawatts of wind power for at least 15 years.

Sean Gonsalves column - Hypocrisy of wind farm opponents

...Now, with a name like the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, you'd think they'd be a major force behind the push for no-discharge zones in the waters off Cape Cod, promulgated to prohibit what the anti-Cape Wind boating community has been doing for years — dumping raw sewage into the "pristine" Sound.

But nope. The Alliance wasn't behind that effort.

Economics and the end of fossil fuels

...The failure of fossil fuel production to keep pace with economic growth, and the growth of the human population to 7 billion, mean that we will see more and more unpredictability in fossil fuels prices while they continue to trend higher and higher.

...So if we needed another reason to move away from fossil fuels, there it is — future damage to the economy caused by the volatile and high price of fossil fuel energy.

With oil once again over the $100-per-barrel mark, the U.S., as a society, must begin the discussion of what we would do if oil prices spike even higher; we must develo

Forbes: Offshore Wind Power: Penny Foolish, Dollar Wise

Forbes Contributor Tom Konrad explains some of the important benefits of Cape Wind and offshore wind to energy consumers including the 'price suppression' effect.  His column concludes with:

...Will it be worth it? If we continue to rely on cheap fossil powered electricity generation in the Northeast, we’re likely to end up like the guy who buys the cheapest furniture he can find, only to have it break within a few months, leaving himself still needing furniture and having a pile of trash to get rid of.

NStar deal, rise of Cape Wind will boost state’s economy

THE PATRICK administration negotiated diligently and emerged with a fair bargain from the power company NStar, requiring it to purchase electricity from Cape Wind as a condition of state approval of its merger with Northeast Utilities. The deal preserves current electric rates for four years, while moving the nation’s first offshore wind farm a huge step closer to reality.

The $17.5 billion merger still needs to win approval from regulators in Connecticut, where Northeast Utilities is based.

Author David Gessner writes about Cape Wind

Click here to read David Gessner’s column in NRDC’s OnEarth, ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cape Wind’, a compelling conversion story from someone who feels a passionate connection to Cape Cod.

Mr. Gessner is the author of eight books including ‘My Green Manifesto’ and ‘The Tarball Chronicles’.

If facts and logic prevail, Cape Wind will win support

Letter by Yarmouthport resident Jim Liedell published in the Cape Cod Times, 12/9/11.

James Freeman's Dec. 5 column, "Retrospective: Jim Gordon and Cape Wind," provided important information about the man and the project. Cape and Islands residents have always favored Cape Wind; oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear fuels have major health and many other negative impacts.

The Brayton Point coal plant was recently required to build two giant cooling towers to stop overheated water killing countless fish.