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Serious Wind

By Bill McKibben

If you want to understand how difficult it will be for our society to make the transition away from fossil fuel addiction, consider one small report that slipped out of the Department of Energy in early December of last year. It found that, despite melting poles and rising sea levels, the overall consumption of renewable energy in America fell twelve percent in 2001.

Wrong winded

By Lisa Suhay
"...the Sound already suffers some "industrial" impact from the very people complaining about windmills, which are comparatively pristine beasts.  Losing your view is a hard thing. Losing your insight and vision is far more damaging."

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The answer is blowing in the wind

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Charles Komanoff: Wind power must be visible

By Charles Komanoff
"That is an enormous task, requiring more than a tiny handful of wind projects in marginal sites. To make a real dent in fossil-fuel use will require hundreds, if not thousands, of windmill farms across America, on land as well as offshore. All those alternative sites, then, must be developed in addition to -- not instead of -- Cape Wind, while we accelerate conservation and energy efficiency in other consuming sectors, such as transportation.

Wind turbines off Cape can be symbol of hope

New Bedford Standard-Times Editorial
"Allowing 130 wind mills to harvest renewable wind energy off our coast will not unhook us as a region from these dependencies, but it will begin the process. It will also provide good jobs in a growing field for this area's young people.

...That is a major start down a cleaner path for our region. This would also be the first offshore wind energy project in the nation.

Wind farm wins one

By Francis Broadhurst, a columnist for the Cape Cod Times

One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of debate is the truth - a marvelous instrument which cannot be twisted out of shape by one's opponents. As this hot summer progressed, we have watched unfold a battle between advocates of offshore wind power and those who oppose it.

Encourage wind farms

By Francis Broadhurst, a columnist for the Cape Cod Times

When I wrote about the proposed wind farm in Nantucket Sound in August, I predicted critics would come out of the woodwork, preaching fear and environmental doom if the project went ahead. So loud has the cacophony of concern grown it has created the worst noise pollution Cape Cod has ever suffered.

Some whom I have respected over the years urged me to withdraw my support for the project.