Press Releases

Cape Wind Associates receives federal permit to erect offshore scientific structure

Yarmouth Port, MA – Cape Wind Associates today received approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to install a scientific monitoring station o­n Horseshoe Shoal, the site of its planned wind park off Cape Cod. The structure will gather scientific data to be used in evaluating and designing the nation’s first offshore wind park as well as other scientific uses.

Cape Wind collects and studies benthic samples from Nantucket Sound

Yarmouth Port, MA – Scientists o­n research vessels are plying the waters of Horseshoe Shoal and the rest of Nantucket Sound and gathering sea bottom samples to analyze the benthic sea life there. Starting today, and continuing through next week, scientists and engineers of Cape Wind and ESS Group, Inc. of Sandwich, MA are studying benthic life o­n the seabed where wind turbines may be placed. Benthic life includes vegetation and small sea animals like worms and clams.

Offshore wind farm receives key federal document

Yarmouth Port, MA – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently issued its “scope of work” document outlining the range of issues Cape Wind Associates must address in developing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed offshore wind project.

“This scoping document marks another important milestone in our efforts to secure the permits needed to construct and operate the Cape Wind project,” said James Gordon, president of Cape Wind Associates.

Leading publications editorialize on Cape Wind project

YARMOUTH, MA – The offshore wind farm proposed for Horseshoe Shoal was recently the subject of favorable editorials in three of New England’s largest daily newspapers, including The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and the Providence Journal.

State issues key environmental certificate to Cape Wind

YARMOUTH, MA — Writing that the proposed Cape Wind project represents “an important step away from our society’s crippling dependence o­n fossil fuels,” Massachusetts Secretary of Environmental Affairs Bob Durand recently issued an “Environmental Notification Form Certificate” to Cape Wind Associates. This “scoping document” details the issues that must be addressed in the environmental impact report being prepared by Cape Wind Associates to comply with the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act.

Cape Wind Associates awards major contract to Woods Hole Group, Inc.

YARMOUTH, MA — Cape Wind Associates, LLC has awarded a $230,000 contract to the marine consulting company Woods Hole Group, Inc. of East Falmouth, MA to design, supply and install instrumentation o­n the scientific data gathering tower proposed by Cape Wind. The tower, located o­n the south side of Horseshoe Shoal, is currently undergoing the permitting process with the Army Corps of Engineers. The data gathering tower will provide needed scientific information for Cape Wind’s proposed wind farm to be located o­n Horseshoe Shoal.

New analysis of Cape Wind project shows $25 Million in energy savings annually

YARMOUTH, MA — A new review of the proposed Cape Wind project estimates $125 million in savings for the region’s consumers over its first five years of operation. The analysis of the project’s impact o­n New England electricity market prices was conducted by La Capra Associates, a leading energy consulting firm based in Boston, MA.

“Every hour that Cape Wind is available to operate will reduce the amount of electricity production required from other power plants with higher costs,” said Douglas Smith, La Capra Associates’ Technical Director.