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Offshore Wind Ready to Reduce Oil Dependence

BOSTON, MA -- “Developing offshore wind power is one way America can become less dependent on imported oil,” said Cape Wind President Jim Gordon in response to the news that the price of oil surpassed $100 per barrel today. “Offshore wind is clean, abundant, inexhaustible, and here -- you don’t have to import it from the Middle East,” Gordon continued.

Currently, oil is the largest source of electricity generation capacity in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Cape Wind Files Petition with Mass. Energy Facilities Siting Board

November 21, 2007, BOSTON, MA -- Cape Wind today filed an Initial Petition with the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (Siting Board) for a Certificate of Environmental Impact and Public Interest.The move comes after the October 19, 2007 denial regarding Cape Wind's proposed transmission lines by the Cape Cod Commission.

Cape Wind Statement on Cape Cod Commission Vote

“With the price of oil approaching $90 per barrel, increasing calls for energy independence and action on global warming it’s sad and disappointing that the Cape Cod Commission would vote to deny Cape Wind’s application for its buried electric cables to deliver 75% of the Cape and Islands electricity with clean, renewable energy.

“The Commission’s denial based, not on the merits but, on claims that Cape Wind provided insufficient information does not square with the record.

Cape Wind Statement on new DOD Report

Statement by Cape Wind Communications Director Mark Rodgers on the newly released Department of Defense Report entitled, “Wind Turbine Analysis for Cape Cod Air Force Station Early Warning Radar and Beale Air Force Base Upgraded Early Warning Radar”:

FALMOUTH, MA -- Today’s Department of Defense (DOD) report is good news for Cape Wind. The report clearly finds Cape Wind to be outside of the wind turbine offset zone being proposed for PAVE PAWS radar systems.

Cape Wind Moves Forward in Permitting Process

Friday, March 30 - Today Massachusetts Secretary of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Ian Bowles issued a Determination of Adequacy on Cape Wind’s Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR).

Cape Wind President Jim Gordon was pleased with the news, “The Agency’s favorable decision on Cape Wind reflects the fact that our economic and environmental future is best served by rising to the challenges of energy independence and climate change.

Cape Wind President Jim Gordon to Speak at Apollo Alliance Summit

From the Apollo Alliance:

   Apollo Summit:

For Clean Energy & Good Jobs

The Apollo Alliance will hold a National Summit of business, labor, environmental and community partners parallel to the National Governors Association annual winter gathering in Washington, DC. The Summit will highlight successful local and state efforts to create clean energy jobs and climate solutions.


BOSTON, MA, December, 18, 2006 – The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued a ruling today that affirmed the May 2005 decision of the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (MEFSB) approving the construction and operation of undersea transmission lines to serve the Cape Wind Project.

An organization that formed to oppose Cape Wind appealed the MEFSB decision to the Court.

Danish study shows virtually no harm to birds, fish or seals at world’s two biggest offshore wind farms

Government looks to increase use of wind power to 50% by 2025 with most projects located offshore


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