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Cape Wind removes turbine locations from state waters

Yarmouth Port, MA, – In response to a request of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Secretary Ellen Roy Herzfelder, Cape Wind filed a Notice of Project Change (NPC) with her office today.

As directed by the secretary, the NPC identifies ten wind turbine locations that will be relocated from state waters to federal waters on Horseshoe Shoal as a result of the recent boundary change announced by the US Department of Interior.

The modification would also allow the shifting of another twenty turbine locations on the Shoal in response to stakeholder comments ov

Cape Wind passes major regulatory milestone

Boston, MA, – Marking a major milestone in the Cape Wind permitting process, the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB), the agency charged with ensuring a reliable energy supply at the least cost and environmental impact, voted today to approve the interconnection of Cape Wind’s buried electric cables to the electric transmission system in Massachusetts.

Cape Wind President Jim Gordon was pleased with the EFSB ruling. 

“At a time of record high energy costs and increasing dependence on foreign energy, we are pleased that the Energy Facility Siting Board has appr

Cape Wind achieves important state regulatory milestone

Yarmouth Port, MA, March 7, 2005 – The Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs issued a Certificate of adequacy on the Cape Wind project that found, “the Draft Environmental Impact Report submitted on this project adequately and properly complies with the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA)…” In the twenty-six page decision, Environmental Secretary Herzfelder wrote, “I believe that an ambitious program of renewable energy development is in the interests of the citizens of Massachusetts, and that the Commonwealth has an obligation to its citizens to promote developm

Cape Wind receives major support

After two public hearings conducted by the US Army Corps of Engineers on Martha’s Vineyard and on Cape Cod, citizens supporting Cape Wind have spoken in equal numbers to those who are opposed These hearings have come on the heels of major endorsements of Cape Wind from Greenpeace, the American Wind Energy Association, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association the Massachusetts Climate Action Network, and the Woods Hole Research Center.

Cape Wind President Jim Gordon expressed his gratitude to supporters of the project, “Every energy project has opposition, what is remarkable about

Army Corps of Engineers releases Cape Wind Draft Environmental Impact Statement to public

17 Federal and State Agency report reveals energy, environmental and economic benefits of offshore wind farm

NOVEMBER 8, 2004, BOSTON, MA  --  The 3,800 page Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) released by the Army Corps of Engineers shows that Cape Wind will produce compelling public interest benefits with positive environmental impacts.  The report is the product of three years of scientific, environmental and economic analysis and includes the input of 17 federal and state cooperating agencies with inclusive public participation.


Cape Wind airs new radio ads

New Radio Spots Highlight Clean Energy and Energy Independence Benefits of Wind Project

Yarmouth Port, MA, – Cape Wind has launched an education campaign, highlighting the clean energy, energy independence and cost saving benefits of the project with two new radio ads running on local stations this summer entitled “Independence”, and “Good News”.

Local kids win wind energy art contest

Yarmouth Port, MA The Energy for Life Art Contest, co-sponsored by E/The Environmental Magazine’s new Young Environmentalist program and Cape Wind, asked young adults to illustrate their vision of the future as a result of wind power.  The first prize was awarded to Tracey Babin of Yarmouth Port.  Nine Honorable Mentions were given for artwork by students in Truro and Provincetown.


Tracey Babin who painted a picture of a young baby pl

Cape Wind project gets boost

BOSTON, MA, July 2, 2004 – Cape Wind achieved a major permitting milestone today in receiving a Tentative Decision for approval of its electric transmission lines from the staff of the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB).  The EFSB process reviewed a range of major issues that surround the project, including the state’s need for power, the project’s economic benefits and its positive impact on air quality.

Cape Wind wins third legal victory in federal court

BOSTON, MA, – In an important victory for those on Cape Cod and the region wanting cleaner air and greater energy independence, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit today affirmed a Federal District Court decision of August 19, 2003 to dismiss the “Ten Taxpayers Citizens Group” lawsuit filed against Cape Wind over its scientific data tower on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound.

Today’s Federal Appeals Court decision marks the third time a federal court has made a ruling concerning Cape Wind’s scientific data tower.  Cape Wind has received a fa