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Exciting new Siemens Wind videos

Siemens has launched exciting new videos about the important role wind and offshore wind can play in supplying clean energy to the world.

Click here to view their "Next Big Step video" (2 minutes, 29 seconds)

Also Siemens has produced 2 videos on their operations and maintenance (O&M) activities on offshore wind farms, a good preview of the kinds of jobs coming to Falmouth harbor on Cape Cod...

Click here to view Siemens

Backlash against Bill Koch

Considerable backlash and outrage has emerged over the recent comments of Bill Koch, a coal and oil magnate who is a major funder and Chairman of the opposition group to Cape Wind over an article in the Cape Cod Times in which Koch stated that the benefits of clean energy are "B.S.

Hurricane Sandy Uncovers Strength and Simplicity of Renewable Energy Systems

Wind and solar are relatively safe forms of energy, a feature that we tend to overlook until a disaster hits like the "superstorm" that disabled New York City's power grid this week.

Unlike fossil fuel plants, they require no combustible fuels to generate electricity. And there is no danger that they will leak radiation as did the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant following last year’s tsunami in Japan.  Hence, the Northeast’s wind and solar farms evoked little public anxiety this week when Hurricane Sandy hit – unlike the nuclear and fossil fuel infrastructure.

Jim Gordon interview on Style Boston

Click on Read More to view Cape Wind President Jim Gordon's interview on Style Boston.

Click here to view Jim Gordon's interview on the television program Style Boston that aired on October 20 & 21. 

Cape Wind Edges Closer, Geological Testing Begins

Vineyard Gazette | By Sarah Brown

Cape Wind, which began more than a decade ago as the nation’s first offshore wind farm and has since been enmeshed in legal battles, political wrangling and untold miles of red tape, is inching closer to the day when 130 wind turbines will be in operation on Horseshoe Shoal on Nantucket Sound.

The project’s progress is tangible: out on the water, two barges have been in operation, performing geological tests on the ocean bed in preparation for the turbines.

Town Council for sale?

Cape Cod Times' columnist Sean Gonsalves asks if the Barnstable Town Council is 'for sale' to the opposition group to Cape Wind?  He follows the money trail that shows project opponents are paying the legal bill for the Town.  He writes:

"But, it's downright insulting for a town government, which is supposed to represent the entire town, to set up a special fund to accept money from a one-sided opposition group on the most politically divisive issue the Cape has seen in the past decade.  It sets a bad precedent, to say nothing of the slap in the face to the sizable number o

Cape Wind Now! Campaign is launched

The Conservation Law Foundation and other organizations have today launched a new campaign called 'Cape Wind Now' that calls out the deception and coal money behind the opposition group known as the 'Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound' or 'Save Our Sound'.  The 'Cape Wind Now' campaign will also galvinize public support to help move this important project forward to construction.