Downloads: Reports

2012 Updated Charles River Associates Report

Cape Wind will reduce wholesale electric prices for the New England region by $7.2 billion over 25 years.

Cape Wind & Massachusetts

May, 2012 10-page report on how Cape Wind can uniquely deliver large scale clean energy benefits to Massachusetts, create jobs and enhance energy security and reliability.

DOE White Paper - Implications for Offshore Wind Generation and Fuel Diversity

A white paper written by the U.S. Department of Energy discusses the danger of New England's over reliance on natural gas and the value of renewable energy in diversifying the region's fuel source for electricity generation. The paper finds that increased use of renewable energy will enable New England to diversify the region's energy portfolio, thereby increasing electricity reliability and lowering energy costs. PDF Format.

Economic Impact Report

A 14-page study prepared by Global Insight, of Lexington MA. The study concludes that Cape Wind will have a number of positive economic and fiscal impacts on the region including the creation of 600 to 1,000 new jobs in the region. PDF Format.

Report on Cape Wind Production During Peak Electric Demand Times

Comparison of Cape Wind's Scientific Data Tower wind data with the top ten record electric demand days. Result: Cape Wind would be producing substantial power during times of peak summer demand.