FAQs: Cape Wind and Economics

Question: How much fossil fuel burning will Cape Wind reduce?

Answer: Cape Wind will reduce the consumption of a combination of fossil fuels used for electricity generation in New England. While it is not possible to know in advance the exact combination of these fuels that Cape Wind will reduce, Cape Wind will provide a quantity of wind generated electricity annually equivalent to the amount of electricity that would be produced from burning 570,000 tons of coal, or 113 million gallons of oil, or 10 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

Question: How will Cape Wind reduce New England’s dependence on imported energy sources?

Answer: Cape Wind’s supply of wind power will reduce the amount of electricity coming from more expensive fossil fuel power plants in New England. This will reduce the amount of fossil fuels being imported into, and burned, in New England. New England does not produce any of its own coal, oil or natural gas, as these fuels are all imported into New England from other regions of the US, or increasingly, from other countries.