FAQs: Cape Wind and Navigation

Question: Will Cape Wind be safe for air navigation?

Answer: Yes. The FAA has reviewed Cape Wind for ten years to ensure the project is compatible with safe air navigation. On four seperate occassions (twice during the Bush Administration and twice during the Obama Administration), the FAA has issued the project with a 'Determination of No Hazard', most recently on August, 2012.

Question: Will Cape Wind be safe for sea navigation?

Answer: Yes. While most boats traveling in Nantucket Sound avoid Horseshoe Shoal due to its shallow depths, the wind turbines will be separated six to nine football fields apart allowing ample navigation for the boats that do travel into the shoal. The wind turbines will each have an amber light toward the base of the turbines which will be visible to nearby boats in poor visibility conditions and there will be two to four foghorns in the wind farm that will be heard from a distance of two miles. The United States Coast Guard has reviewed Cape Wind and found it to be compatible with maritime safety.